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Splash Posts


Splash Posts

Acai Bowls and Smoothies

Acai, (pronounced sah-ee for the purists out there) is a Superfruit with Superpowers and Superflavor.

Kombucha on Tap

Bend, Oregon. It used to be a sleepy little backwater in the desert of eastern Oregon. Well, no longer. And…

Intelligentsia Bar

Great Coffee. Period. Probably the best coffee you’ve ever tasted. Delivered to you according to their own exacting standards.  …

Monte 52- the deli

Visit the Monte 52 website Here’s to Erica and her hardworking crew in the kitchen at Monte 52, keeping us…

Juice Bar

For when your body is in need of real nutrition (or simply because it tastes awesome) DRINK FRESH JUICE. Nothing…

Beer and Wine

Interesting Craft beers. And yes, Bud Lite too. We are committed to bringing you the most requested beers and wines from…

Our Family

Why choose La Tropicana?   We are all family here. Literally. (and figuratively). Let’s see, why do you all come…