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Seriously love them. Great prices, super great quality in the food and amazing recipes. Mmmmmm …that Rotisserie Chicken Salad sandwich is like no other! BBQ pork…amazing… I could go on and on! Have to get my weekly fix every week!! If not more than once a week!!!

If you haven’t tried it …YOU HAVE TO!!!!



Monte 52 is my go to sandwich join in Highland Park, I work a few blocks from this place, and myself along with my coworkers take this pilgrimage once a week. It’s located in the back of Tropicana, a cute little grocery store. I’ve tried the fried chicken, buffalo, italian sub, Bacon burger, sausage sub, buffalo is my favorite, the onion strings are an awesome addition. oh and order the french fries… always order the french fries.

The staff is super nice and clearly passionate about what they do, the value is great and they have a nice albiet small seating area both indoor & out.
Go here.



This is walking distance from my house, and even though it’s been open a few months, I’m working through the menu. More at the end on why it’s not a five star.

From the taste of things, it looks like the owner and some of the team at Echo Park’s hugely popular The Park are at it again with their new Highland Park, lunch-only cafe that’s sure to become a hit. Tucked in the back of La Tropicana Market, Monte 52’s crew offers hearty burgers, subs and sandwiches, soups, salads and sides, even rotisserie chicken. Oh yeah, there are even some vegetarian/vegan choices; I had some of the Veggie Burger and it was a nice hearty patty dressed out like a burger and quite good.

The BBQ Chicken sandwich has a crunchy texture and polite spiciness and the slaw condiment keeps the heat down and gives a nice balance. Anybody who’s a meat lover will go for the BBQ Pork sandwich. The meat’s slow cooked, savory without being greasy and in a mildly tangy sauce; nicely filling. The Chicken Bacon Avocado Club is just that, and done very well, served on toasted bread and is one I’ll be happy to have a number of times.

I had the Italian Sub today and and it was more than filling, and at $6, you can’t beat it, particularly when about half the sandwiches on the menu are only $5 and the rest are six. The Cuban, Buffalo Chicken and Fried Chicken sandwiches are next on my list. Affordability will keep people coming back.

The Clam Chowder deserves praise for its silky texture and smooth creaminess.

Of the salads, I’ve tasted the Caesar and the Arugula side, are both very good and mark the quality of all the ingredients these folks are using. And it’s those three things, the commitment of the chefs (Josh, Erika and Mitchell), the use of fresh ingredients and the delightful blending of spices and flavors that allow simple things like sandwiches and burgers to transform into something you really look forward to.

For all the raves I’ve given, there are a couple of things that would raise my rating. Seating is limited (one two-top inside and two two-tops outside). You can buy sodas and water from La Tropicana, but you can’t buy one of their beers (maybe a cold beer and a sandwich on a day off or a Saturday?). And when the place gets really popular, and it will, it will get a bit crowded.

But hey, I’m not gonna let a few things like that keep me from going back… again, and again.



Everything I’ve had here is delicious!  High quality ingredients, unique flavors, nice portions…and all for a $5 sandwich.  The side salad for only $1 is a great addition.  The pickles are incredible.  The staff are friendly and obviously care about what they are crafting.  Can’t wait to work through more of the menu.  Bottom line:  Try this place now!



What a hidden gem! We had the chicken-bacon-avocado sandwich & the Monte cristo (daily special) which was a delicious blend of ham cheese dijonaise & french toast. With a side of homemade pickles. Heaven. A great addition to my favorite corner store.



Delicious!  What a great addition to the area. I’ll be back soon!