• 3/16/2013

    Very tender and well seasoned marinated meat. Had the asada and the chicken and both were very good. In fact when I cooked it that day people all day were complimenting on how good the meat tasted. They kept asking me where I bought it. Nuff said as to why I feel this place deserves a 5. Very friendly workers to boot.



    Hands down this is one of the places that makes me happy to live in Highland Park. it is the epitome of a down to earth small business where the proprietors know your name and what you’re going to buy.

    They have a variety of items that are all very nice. I could potentially do ALL of my shopping here. They have fresh produce, fine beer and wine, a butcher and a small deli and restaurant. I buy a lot of ethnic food that they don’t really carry due to the size constraints of the store but that’s neither here no there.

    Lately they’ve started carrying fresh coffee beans from Kona, Colombian, Africa and other fine coffee growing countries. The price is very reasonable and the quality is high…

    BUT MY FAVORITE THING is the incredibly affordable fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juice. It is unimaginably healthy (like the kind fit health nuts drink)  juice. The most popular is the beat, celery, and carrot juice. They don’t add water, sugar, anything it’s just the raw vegetables. IT TASTES AMAZING and the same thing would cost $7 in Silver Lake and I can’t imagine how much it would cost on Melrose or 90210.

    Support this local store, these are the kind of places we should help thrive because they add to our commutes instead of seek to only make money and consumers out of us.

    Monte Vista has a lot of potential a small corridor of lovely shops and restaurants. A lot of new places are starting to see this community as happening area. That being said, as an artist I am weary of gentrification and Range Rovers and Priuses and yuppy baby cart families and the only way to keep this area authentic is to support the business that have been here from the start.



    Probably the best pre marinated steaks in highland park….i love the seasoned ……simple try the meat… if you could find a better place that marinated carne ranchera… im all ears.



    I realize that there is a common denominator to my 5 star reviews.  Great quality, great products and great customer service can get you 4 stars.  If you want a 5th star from me, you gotta have heart.  La Tropicana has exactly that.

    I love that they are local.  I love that have products you can’t find at any other mercado or carniceria in Highland Park, from microbrew beers to baby food.  I love that I have a choice of coffee with Mexican chocolate for my morning drive, or freshly juiced carrot, apple and ginger juice.  And I really love and respect how hard the owners work.

    The Market has gone through several changes since I have been acquainted with it.  After meeting the owners, I can understand why.  They will try their darnedest to get their market right to better serve the community.  These people are not leaving Highland Park.  They will be serving our community for years to come.  They work here, they hire from here.  They are a true example of “local.”  They probably will be making changes in the future, because as our community grows and changes, so will they.

    Support your local markets, restaurants and shops.  Shop La Tropicana.  : )



    I love this store! Rana and Tim, the owners, are really wonderful people that truly seem to care about the community of Highland Park and sponsor monthly neighborhood trash clean ups and the employees are all very friendly. They are always willing to try carrying new products if they feel like it will help fulfill a need in the neighborhood. The prices very reasonable for a mom and pop business. The fresh juice, ice cream, and deli counters are all excellent as well.



    Wow,what an interesting sweet little store. The family that runs the place are from Syria, so it’s a juxtaposition of latino and middle eastern products.  There is a really nice selection of beers and wine, some highler end stuff and also more afforadable beers.  I went in just expecting to buy some carne asada to grill on the bbq, but ended up walking out with humus, baklava, and olive oil soap!



    Our family loves this neighborhood market for fresh juice and hand scooped iced cream. The entire staff is A+, and they have been a very active part of our community, helping to sponsor community events in some very trying economic times.



    est neighborhood market, ever. they sell those delicious mexican creamy popsicles, icecream for $1/scoop, and all the mexican foods you will ever need. and they give you no ‘tude at all. **bonus star for the cashier wearing neon blue eyeshadow.


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