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   Hello, and thank you
for visiting our site.

If you have never been to our market we would love to meet you!

Newcomers to the market are always welcome and we love that “wow, look what I found!” expression when they come across something they thought they would never find in Highland Park.

Often times these are longtime residents of the area that finally wandered in, and although we have been in operation here for more than twelve years now people are still “discovering” us.

We love it.

  This is a community market, a very friendly place. We hire locally, and we know our customers as friends. We are committed to making our little corner of Highland Park shine. We appreciate the support of our wonderful neighbors as well.

   This is not your average neighborhood market- we serve top-shelf coffee in our Espresso Bar, made-to-order juices in the JuiceBar, and are proud to partner with Monte 52, the gourmet deli tucked into the rear of our store. Organic produce, Craft Beers, Kombucha on Tap, Acai Bowls and Smoothies… even enormous homemade brownies- we have a lot of items that will surprise you. 

 In the JuiceBar you will find the most delicious natural juices, smoothies, iced coffees and banana splits, freshly made. Have a seat at a table in the coffee bar to enjoy your treat or if you’re on the go, grab one ready-made from the front counter. There’s hot coffee and pastries as well for your morning drive.

 We hope to see you soon!

   Thank you, Rana.