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Intelligentsia Coffee Bar

                         Great Coffee.       Period.

Probably the best coffee you’ve ever tasted.

Delivered to you according to their own exacting standards.


We do lattes and cappuccini, iced coffee, and of course brewed.

Coffee not your thing?

We have teas, Matcha, Mate, Chai Latte, Steamers and Hot Chocolate.

Hey, “What is Matcha” you may ask…

It is a powder of green tea leaves packed with antioxidants.

Its origins stem from Japan as a combo of two terms, “from matsu ‘to rub’ + cha ‘tea’, from Chinese (Mandarin dialect) chá (see tea).” The beverage is steeped in history. Samurai warriors drank matcha green tea before going into battle because of its energizing properties, and Zen Buddhist monks drank it as a way to flow through meditation while remaining alert.

Drink it every day before going into battle. Or traffic.

La Tropicana