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From our family to yours…

Why choose La Tropicana?

We are all family here.
Literally. (and figuratively).

Let’s see, why do you all come here every day?

Eat. Drink. Hang with friends. Cool off. Escape. Free WiFi. Say hello to a friend. Watch the world go by. Wait for your laundry. Get ideas for dinner. Get caffeinated. Get Juiced. Get your BOOCH on.

From humble beginnings as a little Chips and Soda Meximart to what it is today, a place where music videos come to shoot and where a week-long piece on NPR was recorded. We are thankful. There are still the everyday dramas and fires to be put out. But successes too: an expansion, the beer and wine license and (hallelujah) AIR CONDITIONING. The Little Free Library, the Kombucha Bar, umbrellas on Ave 52.
(someone said it looks like Paris…)



And then there is our own little mini-me, Jade,
destined for greatness herself one day.
Proud Parent alert…

Not to mention, Papa George, (he never stops) and our hardworking and dedicated staff, past and present.


And hey, we’ve had our own fun along the way…
we love the sense of community we
feel around our store. That’s all of you. (our other family)

We are not done here- not by a long shot! We have more improvements and surprises planned. You can be a part of that by simply telling Rana what you might like to change or add to the store. We always love your input.



So, from our family to yours, we truly thank you for your support over all these years and look forward to many more.

Tim, Rana and Jade.