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House Made- really!

It’s an overused term, “house made”, right? Used by
fancy-shmancy restaurants and such.

What we have isn’t so much fancy as it is just
fresh and dee-licious!

Okay, listen: Babaganoush and Garlic Sauce and  from Susu, Rana’s mom, the authentic old-world Syrian recipes.

Beet Salad, Potato Salad, that awesome MangoAvocado Salad, Garbanzo Salad, and Ceviche, made by the equally awesome Rosie, our resident AwesomeSaladExpert. Just grab a fork… LUNCH!

Guacamole. See those avocados over there in the produce section? Yes, that’s where our Guac comes from. Not from a machine in some factory in Norco. Right here, made by hand.

There’s more… Spicy Salsa, Salsa Fresca and Pico de Gallo. Maybe make tacos tonight?

Oh, and Brownies. And Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are always at the front counter looking up at you pleading “please take us home with you”. So sorry for the calories. Enjoy them!

How do we make all that, you ask? Easy. We work eight days a week, just for you.

  La Tropicana.